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Find and Be Found

Find Exotic Dancer and Gentlemen Clubs Worldwide at the click of a button using


Communicate direct via app to book in for an audition or to work.


Built-in Calendar to manage your shifts effectively


Clubs and Dancers can rate each other based on a number of criteria

Private Chatting

Private and secure chat with the ability to send pictures, documents, and interactive messages

Smart Broadcast Messages

Clubs can send broadcast messages to dancers based on smart criteria

What is Erotimaps?

' ' Clubs to connect like an agency but without the middle person and any additional commission fees.

Dancers can set up a profile and search for clubs all over the world based on location and other additional features.Dancers can then message Clubs directly to book in for an audition or to work.

The booking will then go directly into your calendar and give you a google map directions option when it's time to leave for your shift to prevent late dancers and challenges with directions.

Dancers also have the option to rate the clubs in which they have worked based on 5 attributes:

  • Ability to make money
  • How friendly are the team
  • Appearance
  • Would you go back
  • Was the club busy

This is then displayed on the clubs profile for other dancers to see. Along with pictures of the club, club fees, if accommodation is provided, minimum nights required to dance, contract length, dress code, club hours and much more.

Clubs also have the option to rate Dancers after their shift based on 5 attributes.

  • Reliability
  • Appearance
  • Professionalism
  • Likeability for clients
  • Performance

This will be displayed on their profile along with pictures of the dancer, a short bio, their age, hair colour, eye colour, chest size, dress size, height, if they drive, area they live, how far they are willing to travel, how long they have been dancing and where.

The app will have a personal user login and password so it is confidential to you only.

Dancers will be permitted to see clubs however not the other dancers to prevent any privacy concerns.

The additional customer feature allows dancers and customer to connect without affecting club license rules. Clients can use a referral handle from the dancers and send them a request to connect.

Dancers and clients can then communicate through the app. This allows complete privacy and keeps dancers safe by not using numbers, social media, or emails when staying in contact with clients outside of the club perimeters.

Dancers can set a picture and status and send out a broadcast to their selected client list stating the club they will be working that night and giving them the option to see them at the club. This allows dancers the tools to safely build a regular client base.

You have the option to accept, decline or block any communication at anytime. You can also set the app to whether you want to receive notifications or not.

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  • Full access to clubs worldwide
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First month free


per month thereafter
  • Full access to all dancers worldwide
  • Unlimited messaging to dancers
  • Smart Broadcast option for additional credits

First month free


per month thereafter
  • Connect and chat with your favourite dancers
  • Send and receive pictures
  • Stay updated with notifications and status updates from your connections

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